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16 November 2017

Best Practices in Olive Oil Production

Presentation regarding “Best Practices in Olive Oil Production” from our Chemist and Quality Assurance Manager Mr.  Manolis Michelinakis took place in the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania on 15th of November 2017, during the Conference “Olives and Olive oil”. The conference was organized by the Association of Cretan Olive Municipalities, the Region of Crete and other local authorities with a view to expand the knowledge regarding olive oil production and trade in general, and highlight the competitive advantages of Crete in this sector, as well as the weaknesses.
The presentation of Mr Michelinakis pointed out extremely interesting aspects of the whole process from the olive oil harvest till the phase of extraction in the olive oil mill, and presented the best practices that should be followed, both by producers and by olive oil mills and traders. One of the crucial points that every producer and farmer should take into consideration is that every step in this procedure is critical, from the very moment of the harvest, up to the point that the olives are being processed at the mill and packaged as olive oil afterwards, every step is forming the organoleptic characteristics of the olive oil, its nutritional values  and the quality of the product in general.