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The chemical laboratory of Uniher S.A. provides services of olive oil analysis both to producers and traders. The chemical laboratory  is acknowledged by the International Olive Oil Council (I.O.C) and is one of the most distinctive ones in Greece, due to its high-quality testings.
Our chemical laboratory may provide the following types of analysis

1.Free fatty acid (Acidity)
2.Spectrofotometric analysis in UV
3.Peroxide value
4.Halogenated Volatide Solvents
5.Insoluble matter
6.Moisture and volatile matter
7.Olive oils content in olives
8.Fatty acids composition
9.Difference between the actual and theoretical ECN
10.Waxes content
11.Sterolic composition- Erithodiol_Uvaol
12.Alifatic alcohols
16.Total polyphenols
17.Pesticides Residues
19.Ethyl esters fatty acid

The estimated time of specimen analysis may vary, from one to three days.

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