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Crete is a true ambassador of Mediterranean diet, with a history and a gastronomic culture, which find its roots back in the ancient years. According to the global scientific community, the principles of Cretan diet are connected to health and long living.

The secret of Cretans’ well being is strongly connected with their diet, a diet expressing their core philosophy and culture. Cretans, always treat their land and soils with absolute respect, and nature always returned its fruits with gratitude. Honey, wine, wheat, herbs and vegetables compose their tratitional diet.

The most significant ingredient though is the “liquid gold”, Cretan virgin olive oil. Fruit of the olive trees, prospering on every part of the island, with great nutritional value, low acidity and a unique aroma, capturing the whole essence of the Cretan terroir. Furthermore, extra virgin olive oil is a natural anti-oxidant, with many additional beneficial effects for health, preventing several kinds of diseases, securing the human immune system.
In the ancient times, virgin olive oil was called “the great healer” by Hippocrates, as it has revealed its importance centuries ago.

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