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30 November 2016

New Olive Crop year begins with a festive event from Uniher S.A.

Uniher S.A., in order to welcome the 2016/2017 Olive Crop year, organized an event that took place in our facilities, in Industrial Area of Heraklion, Crete. Uniher S.A. announced its initial price regarding extra virgin olive oil, which is considered high enough to boost the local economy.
The event had a twofold purpose. On the one hand, Uniher S.A. announced its pricing policy to the cooperating olive oil mills and producers. Οn the other hand, the president of the company, mr Antonis Vasilakis, took the opportunity to share with the audience the corporate vision and the key pillars of our strategy: to promote the values of extra virgin olive oil around the world, and confront the competition with branded extra virgin olive oil.
Our facilities were open and available for the audience, for small tours. At the end of the day, several speeches and presentations were held, underlining the importance of our endeavor, followed by a lunch inspired by the Cretan tradition and filled with local dishes that capture the essence of our culture.