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02 June 2017

Oleocanthal: weapon against cancer cells

Scientists  Onica LeGendre, David Foster and  Paul Breslin in their study published in “Molecular & Cellular Oncology” have first managed to discover  the connection between oleocanthal and cancer cells. Oleocanthal, a phenolic combound found in extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), seems to have a toxic effect for cancer cells – by rupturing the cancer cell lysosomes and eventually causing their death within approximately 30 minutes.
Due to oleocanthal’s damage effect on cancer cells, this may lead to an ideal option for cancer treatment and  to further implications about the Meditteranean Diet and health benefits of extra virgin olive oil, also know according to the  Ancient Greeks as the "Great Healer".

Source: "Molecular & Cellular Oncology 2:4, e1006077; October/November/December 2014; Published with license by Taylor and Francis Group, LLC "