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UNIHER S.A. is located in the region of Heraklion, Crete in Greece and is specialized in bottling and trade of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Uniher S.A. has become the ambassador of a great heritage, maintaining the vision of Agricultural Cooperation of Heraklion, the largest cooperation in Greece since 1927.

Key-product of our portfolio is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In Uniher we collect the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our wide network of 35.000 passionate members-producers exclusively in Crete and use our state-of-the-art storage and bottling facilities, in order to provide our partners around the globe with outstanding products.

Our portfolio includes also several products – treasures of the Cretan land, such as wine, vinegar etc. All of our products are distinct for their high quality and unique flavor. This uniqueness is a result of the ideal climatic conditions, the rich in mineral soils of Cretan Land and 90 years of know-how.

Our activities are described as listed below:
• Collection of Οlive Oil
• Olive Oil Analysis - Physicochemical characteristics
• Olive Oil Bottling
Under our guidance and support, we manage to achieve supervision at every scale of the production proccess, in collaboration with our member producers. 

35.000 local producers united one authentic cause